Hally One-Name Study

Connecting Hallys and Halleys worldwide.


Hello and welcome to the Hally One-Name Study. My name is Jim McCarthy and I began this study in November 2013. I have always been very curious about the name as it is very uncommon in Ireland and is mostly concentrated in counties Tipperary and Waterford. Although this is a worldwide study, to begin with I have been concentrating on Ireland. With my research in Ireland now almost complete I will move on to the United Kingdom by the end of 2015 and following that the USA.

In the 1911 Ireland census, from a national total of 536 people named Hally or Halley, Waterford had 226 (42.16%) and Tipperary 225 (41.98%) with the next highest concentration 29 (5.41) being in Kilkenny. There is also a large concentration of Hallys in Scotland but as yet I don't know if they are related to the Irish Hallys.

A word of WARNING! Most of my research to date has been done on the RootsIreland website. RootsIreland only provide transcriptions of the original birth and baptismal registers and there are a lot of instances where births are recorded after the baptism date. I have recorded the information as found as there was no way to verify the information. With the recent publishing of the original images by the National Library of Ireland I will now be able to do this but it will take a very long time.

Navigation of this site is pretty straightforward and simple and everything can be found under the drop-down menus near the top right hand corner of the home page. A very useful feature is the ability to bookmark certain individuals.

This is very much a work in progress and there are bound to be errors. If any are found please contact me with the correct information.

I hope you enjoy the site.